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The passion behind the creation of Dare to Dream, is to help you optimize your assets you have been building for your entire career so that retirement becomes the most fulfilling, rewarding, and joyful time of your life. BONUS: The book contains chapters at the end specifically for women and business owners, to help address the unique challenges they face in planning for the retirement they can't wait to wake up to!

Read Dare to Dream to help:

  • Realize the importance of dreaming big and aligning your retirement dreams with your personal why so you can create the retirement you can't wait to wake up to!
  • Discover key ways to get organized so that retirement can become a more streamlined process for you, your family, and your team of financial professionals.
  • Understand the critical differences between the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement planning. Learn the common, costly, and often irreversible mistakes many people make in the distribution phase of retirement - so you can avoid them.

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What People Are Saying About Dare To Dream

"A practical guide for retiring with an actual plan for all that matters most to you. Use this book as a creative, simple, and effective recipe for managing your money, your life' and your passion for a sparkling retirement."

Ed Slott CPA and RetirementExpert Founder of www.irahelp.com

"If retirement is part of your bigger future, the scorecards in this book will help open your eyes to a clear, actionable path from where you are to where you want to be. Bryan's years of accumulated wisdom in guiding people through both the math and the mindsets required to help achieve their retirement dreams are evident throughout."

Dan Sullivan Founder The Strategic Coach, Inc.

"Bryan Sweet is the consummate professional in the financial services industry. He lives to serve his clients and devotes so much of his time to creating a client experience that is second to none. Bryan stays on the cutting edge from an investment and financial planning perspective by consistently attending seminars, lectures, study-group meetings, and coaching seminars. He has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience and thus has much to share."

Peter D. Maller, MBA, CFP®, AEP® Founder and President Maller Wealth Advisors Lincoln Financial Network Advisor of the Year

"After many years successfully assisting clients with preparing for and enjoying their retirement years, in this outstanding book Bryan provides a blueprint for getting the most out of life after stepping aside from running a business, working in a corporate environment, or teaching or caring for others. Readers will appreciate the straightforward, easy to understand and actionable recommendations to increase assets, financial and non-monetary, during retirement. And rather than read it once and put it on the bookshelf, this should become a reference manual and how to guide for anyone, or any couple, considering retirement. Highly recommended."

Scott A. Curtis President Raymond James Financial Services


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About the Author

Bryan Sweet CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS
Founder and CEO, Sweet Financial Partners, Creator of The Dream Architect™ Cofounder, Dare to Dream Enterprises**

Author of 5 books – Dare to Dream: Design the Retirement You Can’t Wait to Wake Up To, Imagine. Act. Inspire. A Daily Journal, Give & Grow: Proven Strategies for Starting an Running and Effective Study Group, Dream Architecture – Building a Retirement Beyond What’s Possible and The Ultimate Financial Advisor.

Bryan is a cultivator of opportunity and that is reflected in his passion for serving the clients of Sweet Financial Partners. Beginning his financial services career in 1979, Bryan has done more than create lasting wealth plans for the wonderful clients we’ve been so fortunate to work with. He has worked to create a movement in this industry to help people realize just how much they are capable of, and just how much they can put their money to work for them.

A Fairmont native, Bryan earned his master’s degree in financial services from The American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, before embarking on what would be a lifelong career as a wealth management consultant. He established Sweet Financial Services in 1987 because he knew he wanted to create something lasting and impactful for the future. He saw an opportunity to help people not only accumulate wealth, but to maximize the opportunities and simplify the complexities that come with the distribution phase of life.

Bryan’s hunger for continued education and growth is something that will never be fully satisfied. Which means that he has created a culture at Sweet Financial that is centered on continued personal and professional growth. This is also reflected in his work with clients as you will often catch Bryan sharing the capability and potential that he sees in others.

It is because of Bryan's passion in working with some of his best clients that he decided to develop Dare to Dream Enterprises. He has been an avid member of Strategic Coach, which has helped provide the clarity he needed in his business. He found that he works best with high-net-worth business owners who have complex financial needs.

In working with these clients, helping move them toward living their retirement dreams, it became evident that all too often, people don't dream big enough. Dare to Dream Enterprises helps provide clarity in a world of chaos so that people are able to focus on the things in life that matter most to them. Dare to Dream supports business owners, women in transition, and others who are looking to build a bigger future and take control of their lives.

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